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    Reetwika Banerjee is an avid traveller, shutterbug and a very choosy gastronomic buff. Along with travelling, she loves to pen down the travelogues and share her exclusive experiences with the T&J readers. She is also an award-winning author cum film writer, acclaimed globally as ‘Author of the Year 2017-18. She has been awarded five World and National Records for introducing threeinnovative concepts in Modern Literature in three consecutive years.
    As a professional, Reetwika is a perfect Corporate presently working as Cyber Security Consultant for a US media giant. She belongs to the city of joy Kolkata and keeps trotting the globe on official and personal tours.

    A Power Engineer by profession but a traveller by passion.My affection in exploring my own country started when I was a kid and my father took me twice a year in a family trio across various destinations in India.Well that zeal did die out after my board exams till I was in college.After I got my job and fortunately I got posted in Odisha, my travelling memories came back to me inhibiting my zeal to explore this beautiful state in India.I started immense travelling from the year 2013 since I bought my first car and learnt to drive it.I started to explore this enigmatic state and its versatile geographical features in numerous road trips….Connect with me in Facebook as Souvick sen and my instagram profile as souvick_deep..

    I’m a free spirited woman who loves to juggle between the city and the work life along with my designing work and has an pechant to find off beat and luxury travel places to unwind and reward my self for the hard work I do.Connect with me in facebook and Instagram as “travelfashionandme”..


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