Famously known as grand canyon of India,it is a gorge situated in PENNA river.Night camping under an open sky within the premises of Gandikota fort is a famous activity for the tourists coming from Bangalore.The drive to this place from bangalore is  is only 270 kms through excellent road meandering through the scenic deccan plateau and eastern ghats.The best time to visit is during monsoons as some of the waterfalls on the way adds destinations to this road trip from bangalore. Gandikota fort in an amusing way has both temples and masjids which proves the equality of religion and unity of human beings in the 16 th century.A 16 km diversion from the kurnool highway towards Hyderabad takes us to this amazing destination and natural wonder through a narrow road intersecting the river banks.The road is a wonderous drive for any enthusiast as it is elevated and curvy with walls of plateaus on both sides.The government of Andhra pradesh is trying hard to get it recognised in UNESCO world heritage site which it surely deserves due to its uniqueness of a combination of both history and geographic wonder.

Belum caves

Just 60 kms from gandikota towards hyderabad,this is the second longest cave in india. A marvelous geological wonder that houses an array of stalactites and stalagmites ,one should save 2 hours for walking through the cave as it offers plenty of adventure and natural formations of rocks to the can stay near the belum caves in APTDC  guesthouse that has mostly dormitories.The APTDC accomodation is situated near to the cave so an early morning visit after 9 P.M which is the opening time for the visitors,is an easy task for all the tourists residing in the guesthouse.The cave is nicely illuminated with ventilation facilities due to the immnese heat inside the premises.There are numerous locations to see geological wonders inside the cave which is adventurous in its own way due to the narrow paths and rock formations.Sometimes The cave is two storeyed in some places where ladders are provided to have a glimpse of natural shapes of rocks due to calcium deposits.Sometimes the path through the carve out passages in the cave provide an ideal photogenic picture of the caves of Arizona in America.In some places the tourists gets delighted with led lights showing the path that acts as a catalyst to ones imaginative illuminating path.Visit this natural wonder with a nominal entry fee that is still under much more exploration.



Horsely hills

This is a small hamlet in andhra pradesh which is famously known as ooty of india. The  hill station  offers terrific view of the Eastern Ghat valley and a superb 25 km road trip from the main highway to bangalore.It is a small town with very few hotels to offer ,so prebook Haritha hill resort early to have a pleasant night stay.A single day is enough for this small hill station as a five km circumferential drive along the hill station is enough to explore this much sought out place in Andhra Pradesh. The drive to this hill station brings to us amazing views of the valley thorugh the steep Ghat roads. There is a view point at the edge of the road circumnavigating the hill station  that gives us a complete view of the series of Eastern Ghat Hills.

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