Best Fort in Goa

Best Fort in Goa

Best Fort in Goa

While driving from Mumbai to Goa we will be encountering many exquisite forts of the coast of Arabian sea but as we arrive in Goa the style of architecture changes as the famous forts to visit in Goa were mainly built by the Portuguese. Among many such famous forts in Goa, one of the best fort in Goa from where we can get a stunning view of the Mandovi river and the Arabian sea is Reis magos fort.The entry fee to this fort is 50Rs per head with 250 RS extra for a single camera. This famous fort in goa is very much visible from the Panjim side of the Mandovi river while Panjim can be seen from the Eastern terrace of the fort guarded by three canons.

This famous fort in goa was a residential place for the viceroy’s travelling to and from Lisbon but was later converted to a prison ,the reminiscence of which can be seen just at the entrance. There are three large rooms inside this famous fort in goa,that displays the brief history of the fortress built in the 16 th century which has been well preserved by the tourism government of heritage Goa. The fortress was never captured by the Maratha rulers but was briefly conquered by the British army. Though smaller in size than other forts in Goa this fort stands tall with elegance depicting the architecture brilliance of the Portuguese and how they used to prevent the conquests from the nearest estuary of Mandovi river.

Many parts of central goa consist of river islands of which St. Estevam island is a uniquely rich cultural and agricultural place .In ancient times this island was known for the unity of the villagers and the highest GDP among all the places in Goa. This island is also known as Zuem, Xhakecho Zunvo’ (Island of Vegetables) and Ilha de Verde (Green Island). These are all local names but mainly this island is famous for producing a special variety of seven ridges green ladyfinger due to which the villagers were known by the name Bhendi.

The island has a fort with the same name constructed by the Portuguese in the seventeenth century is situated on a hillock providing magnificent views of the nearby Divar island and flooded plains of the river. In the monsoons, the nearby plains get flooded by the cumburjua canal and the backwaters of the Arabian sea due to which the entire plains of the nearby Vanxim, Divar and Chorao island looks like green plants floating over a river. Besides the fort, there is also a small church called Christ the King monument church which has some exceptional delicate arc-like structures protruding from the top of there church below the statue of Christ. The route to this not so famous fort in goa  is tricky and have no  proper signboards leading to the location of the hillock. It is better to take the help of the locals to go to this village. After a certain point, the road becomes rough and narrow and so steep trekking for about 10 minutes is required to go at the top to reach the fort. The design of both the forts and the church is definitely unique than any other structures in Goa which can easily be recognized if a tourist takes a complete tour of exploring forts near Panaji. In the monsoon due to stunning views of the lowland plains and the green grasslands that cover the hillock, the Estevam fort is a must-visit place for enjoying moments of tranquility in the heart of Goa.Undoubtedly this not so famous fort in goa should be in the bucket list of forts to visit in goa.

.In North Goa situated in a rural village called Aldona we found a dilapidated Portuguese fort, which now is in ruins and not frequently visited by the tourists,so it can be counted as a not so famous fort in goa.  but I think it is one hell of a famous fort in Goa. Due to the monsoon rains the walls of the fort has been covered with fresh green grasslands that creates a stunning landscape of the fort. Surrounded by iron rich hills all around, the view of the hills was majestic when we reached on the terrace of the fort. For me, this fort is one best fort in Goa.The fort must be in the priority list of forts to visit in goa.

Built in 18 th century this beautiful fortress was used for defence and military by the Portuguese from the neighbouring maratha rulers in the vicinity of Panjim. The fort overlooks the Aldona river and is situated on an island separated by the nearby Mandovi river. This is one of the only two forts surviving which have been made form laterite soil so now it is a protected monument under the Goa,Daman and Diu archaeological society. Though the best fort in Goa is very small when compared to the other major forts of Goa but in order to see the brighter side of beautiful rural goa ,this is truly a heritage site for tourists visiting this wonderful state. This fort must be in the bucket list of any traveller trying to explore forts to visit in goa.

Very few tourists know that the southern district of goa has a famous fort in Goa in the chapters of portuguese and hindu historythat  which provides alluring scenes of the Arabian sea from the cliffs of the forts. Cabo de Rama is an ancient fortress named after the legendary Hindu mythological king Lord Rama. So this fortress is believed to be thousands of years old making it one of the oldest forts in western India. It was built by the local Hindu Soonda rulers which were then conquered by the Portuguese and they changed the name to Cabo de Rama, Cabo meaning cape due to the small cape the fortress forms in the western coastline.

This famous fort is situated between two beaches which are Cavelossim and Agonda beach, and also has a small beach beneath the fort which can only be accessed by foot. The Portuguese were attracted to this fort mainly due to the excellent view it provided of the entire coastline in between the two mountains of Agonda and Cavelossim which helped them to see the approaching enemies from the sea. The Portuguese renovated the fort after they captured from the local Hindu rulers but later abandoned it and turned it into a prison. Undoubtedly this famous fort in goa must be in the bucket list of a traveller interested in exploring forts to visit in goa.


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