Breath-taking Boat Trip through Akkulam Backwaters

Breath-taking Boat Trip through Akkulam Backwaters

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Just before the unforeseen floods in Kerala, we had been to ‘God’s own country’ and enjoyed some breath-taking moments along the Malabar coastline. We visited a number of beaches and temples, but one of our best experiences was a half day boat trip along Akkulam Backwaters near Thiruvananthapuram. Though Alleppy is more popular among tourists as a backwater destination but believe me, this one is a must go place for any adventure lover.

Akkulam Backwaters

Akkulam is slowly gaining fame as a local picnic spot where the Akkulam Lake intersects the adjoining Arabian Sea at a distance. Government owned KTDC Tourist Village and a Boat Club have been recently opened to attract more tourists round the year. Right from here travellers can hire motor boats to enjoy an enthralling ride along the Akkulam Backwaters.

Our hotel at Thiruvananthapuram 

We had booked our stay at a budget hotel in Thiruvananthapuram city for couple of nights. There are loads of hotels and tourist cab providers in and around the city and thus availability is not a concern. Early morning we boarded a KTDC tourist cab, had light breakfast at East Fort market and headed towards Akkulam Backwaters.

Day Trip to Akkulam Backwaters in KTDC Tourist Cab

Thiruvananthapuram city centre to Akkulam Backwater jetty

The road distance from Thiruvananthapuram city centre till the backwater jetty was not much, hardly 10 kilometres but it took quarter an hour to reach due to the terrains. At the Akkulam Boat Club jetty, motor boats were waiting to take us on a half day trip along the marshy backwaters.

Fun Time at KTDC Tourist Village

Way to Akkulam Backwaters Jetty at Boat Club

Motor Boats for Backwater Trip

There were a few rustic shops selling king coconuts near boarding point. Tasting them was a must do for all of us before getting onto the waterway ride. Abundant number of ten-seater, covered, motor boats were available for hire. Boat rental charges were quite high, but justified too if you look at the diesel expenses and the overall maintenance cost of the place. Unlike Alleppy, there are no houseboats here; only a limited number of small motor boats (a variant of speed boat) are available on hourly hire basis.

Boat Trip through Akkulam Backwaters

The next couple of hours were going to be a mesmerizing experience of our lifetime. The narrow green natural canal through the meandering mangroves of Akkulam did not let us stop taking continuous clicks of the journey. The ride offered a truly calm and serene day out amidst picturesque landscape.

Glimpses of Our Journey through Akkulam Backwaters

We crossed a number of coconut orchards, tiny coastal villages, lock gates, few resorts and a floating restaurant on way. It was almost a three hour journey in totality, and utterly refreshing too.

Coconut Orchards on Way

Tiny Coastal Villages

Rustic Lock Gates

Resorts and Floating Restaurant

We took a U-turn from the small river island housing a big holy Cross with Mother Mary and baby Jesus – protecting the world from all harms. By 3pm we were back to our hotel.

Big Holy Cross with Mother Mary and baby Jesus

Way Back

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