Chitkul- the last village of India

Chitkul- the last village of India

    How about camping in the lap of Himalayas?

Well, this is one of the most mesmerising place I have ever been. I always try to spare out any oppurtunity to escape away from the hustle and bustle of the capital city in India. So I took a bus from Delhi to Shimla which took me 7-8hours. Then next day early morning I availed another bus from Shimla to Reckong peo,a small hamlet in the himalayas in Kinnaur district . From Shimla to Reckong peo it almost took me 10-11 hours but the journey was acoompanied with stunning landscapes of the himalayas.

Enroute Chitkul- the last Indian village.

I chose to spend over night in Reckong peo since it was already near to sunset when I reached this beautiful hamlet.. Early morning I started my journey and took a bus to Chitkul which took me 6hours, as road conditions were not good..

Last Indian Dhaba on indo-China border.

Now welcome to, Chitkul, the last village of India. And it was one of the best solo trip ever. I was completely astounded to see the untouched beauty. Through the roads were less travelled still I chose it. Because, the roads which are difficult very few traveller avail that,but those roads often lead to beautiful destinations. And there I was!! This was truely like heaven on earth, surrounded by pretty pink flowers (which are actually used to make sticky chapatis). I can still feel the moment.

There is a kid inside every human being!

And it’s very sure, that I am gonna visit chitkul again. I highly recommend this place to backpackers and solo travellers. Routes are tricky but trust me you will love it.

Pretty pink flowers?.

Rakchham, is a village 10 kms before Chitkul. Settled on a picturesque setting amid himalayas,I did camping here, surrounded by pine trees, dense fogs, clouds hovering all around and yes that pure Baspa river❤. Just to feel it completely, I chose to hike from Chitkul to rakchham ( just 10kms). The chilled air refreshed me from the inside out. And most importantly, that day I was the only female there according to few army men. I spoke to many villagers there and no doubt, everyone was keen to help me. And also they shared their way of surviving and living on such high altitudes. That’s the best part of solo travelling, I came to know many beautiful souls and the polite hospitality of these people living in the mountains.Camping there was one of the thrilling experience ever. And sitting near pristine Baspa river was more like a transportaion to paradise.❤.

Baspa River- the heart of Chitkul ❤. Baspa River rises near the Indo-Tibetan border and forms the Baspa Valley – one of the most scenic in Himalayas.

Its a must visit place! and it should be in everyone’s bucket list. No doubt adjectives do fall short of but I keep the word exhilarating ❤

And in the midst of mountains I celebrated my imperfections and mediocrity. I think something should be celebrated just because I am not perfect but I love my imperfections and for me it’s the best.

Alluring nature?

She know’s very well that extremely it’s hard to walk on the road which is less travelled, but she is the one who takes up the challenges and believes in accomplishing it, that too on the path which is less travelled.

This place,made me feel more alive. I went on the trails unknown. Trails that aren’t mentioned on the map and I didn’t even knew anything about it. It was just like I chose the road which was less travelled. And trust me while walking into the woods I reached at a point where nothing was there except ‘me’. And nothing intrigued me at that point of time. It was just me, and that experience was really fulfilling. That experience in the woods actually made me happy. And as I listened more towards to my heart, I was happy from inside.

Camping here In Rakcham village was totally worth it.
I felt the moment. I was at peace not in chaos.

Maybe, I was there to make my own story. Not to take it or copy it from someone else. I did camping in Rakcham village. I slept under a huge celestial display. Bonefire was right outside my tent, and laid down under those numerous stars, thinking how wonderfully God created all these.I was in complete awe. I travel in mountains, most of the time but everytime, I see something new and that newness surprises me everytime, no matter what! There is some sort of familiarity with mountains that whenever I go in the lap of Himalayas it just embraces me and treats me like her own daughter.

Sitting on the banks of Baspa river.

As I sit alone and introspect, I felt more alive.

Nature never fails to show me its newer side every morning ❣.

Most of the time I sit alone and I stare mountains for hours and I realise how beautiful they are❣. From changing colours/textures to every new and changing landscape surprises me more! How wonderfully God created everything! Every new morning it welcomes me and embraces me with all its newness. Trees growing beautifully on those foothills and spreading its arms to embrace each one of us, in a special way! And also welcoming other new small plants ? and leaflets at the same time. How beautifully they support and love each other!

Isn’t it amazing?

Ibex camp site.
Inside the camp, attached with washroom and they do have hot water facilities as well.

So now I will share some information about my stay or you can say where and how did I camped there. I hiked from Chitkul to Rakcham village, which is approximately 10kms from there. And one of the most beautiful village surrounded by majestic Himalayas and valley covered with pink flowers. So I went to Ibexx camp site. They have amazing hospitality and people are actually very nice, helpful and cooperative. And the camp site is nearby to baspa river and it’s near roadside as well (walkable distance), for catching bus. The address of ibex camp site is – Sangla Chitkul road, Rakcham (mustang), Himachal Pradesh. I really thank Mr Dhani Ram Kuku (the caretaker of the camp) for amazing food. Yes, the food was homemade and well cooked as well. It was normal chapati and vegetables but it was really really good,and very hygenic as well. It made me feel like home. And yes the bonefire, in that chilling night was like a saviour.

Kinnaur in winter’s.
You can witness this snow capped mountain beauty if you plan to visit this place around April last week. Everything will be covered with snow. From majestic Himalayas to trees to roads. It’s beauty cannot be described in words. So just go, explore and experience it.

It was a mind blowing stay at the base of the plush green and snow capped mountain and at around 100 meters,the Baspa river roars to its majesty.


Me on the banks of baspa river. It’s just 100 meters away from the ibex camp site.
At this moment, I just woke up and walked down into the woods, following the soothing sound of the river and I reached and I sat there for hours, until it started to rain again. And this picture was taken my Mr dhani ram only, he joined me afterwards.
She is so much into her own self discovery or own world❤. She believes in spending time alone, her soul craves for knowing herself more rather than knowing anyone else❤. She is bit self obsessed but that’s for her good!! And her solo travelling keeps her lit, and helps in her journey of own self discovery.

My solo trip to Chitkul, taught me many new and different things, apart from embracing oneself and others as well. But I felt that my world is inevitably enlightening where my everyday is filled with beauty and vanity with a clearest manifestation of deep learning processes. Those moments, where I spent time in self introspection were precious and it’s still very valueable and precious for me,because I think I came to know many other things, everytime I travel alone I discover a new me. The roads were never ending, it stretches as if other new adventure is waiting for me.

Here I am mentioning about the Swiss tent plan and their costings along with the breakfast:-

Delux tent:-2800/-

Modified American plan: 3200/-

American plan: 3500/-

Lastly, I would say that just don’t read and imagine the beauty of the place, I think that would be a huge injustice to this natural beauty. Instead, of scrolling down the pictures on Instagram, Facebook or any other social networking site just brace up yourself, pack your bags, wear shoes and just go out. Just simply don’t waste your time. Just move out, explore this heavenly beauty, take the moment in and most importantly live the moment. Capture those beautiful landscapes & peaceful moments in your heart rather than in your camera. Just go live your life.

Stay tuned for more. Happy reading.


Name: Diksha Ranjan.

Instagram handle: solo_escapist

facebook: Diksha Ranjan

E-Mail for collaboration: [email protected]


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