Hill stations in Dooars

Hill stations in Dooars

Dooars tourism

There are many offbeat tourist places in North bengal.So I decided to explore the hill stations along the two rivers of the eastern himalayas that may categorize as famous offbeat tourst places in west bengal. Murti river originates in the Neora valley national park in the Kalimpong district in West Bengal which further meets the Jaldhaka river coming down to the plains. The river is famous for providing some exceptional scenic destinations for adventure and camping activities for the tourists visiting North Bengal. So in the winters I decided to explore the quaint hill stations lying along the rivers of Murti and Jaldhaka in the Eastern Himalayas ,spot famous in Dooars tourism.

Amon the many offbeat tourist places in West bengal,our first destination was to stay in Rocky island,a tourist spot with homestay facilities on Murti river.Rocky island is situated 2km from Samsing ,which is a tea estate town in North Bengal,and Rocky island is a river camp site on the rocky terrain of Murti river.This place is surrounded by dense forests all around that enhances the greenery of the surrounding. The river is narrow here so one can easily cross or walk down the river over the boulders to explore the natural scenery associated with the place. There are few homestays available just on the banks of this river in the Rocky island which provide delicious food but basic accommodation facilities. Various trekking routes are available from this spot into the adjoining forest in the surroundings.Mostly Rocky island is famous among the tourists In West Bengal as picnic spot and a day tour excursion. But due to the development of the recent homestays close to the river bed of Murti in this spot ,now many tourists from different corners of our country spend here for bird watching in the surrounding forests and local trek routes in the nearby villages.Surely Rocky island forms a prime location as offbeat tourist places in North Bengal .

Rocky island suntalekhola

Our next destination as offbeat tourst places in North Bengal next day was to explore another beautiful village called Suntalekhola and then proceeding towards Bhutan borders to explore the hill stations along Jaldhaka river. Suntalekhola is a small picturesque village situated in Kalimpong district with altitude around 900 metres above sea level. The small village is famous for it serene forests and small streams of river Murti that flows through the dense forests adjacent to this village. There are variety of homestays with serene location which can provide a different experience in this Eco friendly village. But the best is the WBFDC(West Bengal Forest Development Corporation) resort .built by government of West bengal to promote offbeat tourist places in West Bengal,situated inside the forests of Suntalekhola. the village also forms the starting point of the trek to Neora valley National park which is situated adjacent to the forests of Suntalekhola.he national park is home to Red pandas and various rare species of wild cats and birds. The village can be traced in just about 2 hours by hiring the local taxes which are available as we enter Suntalekhola from Samsing,which also a serene tourist spot situated 5 kilometres away. Tourist cabs are not allowed for sightseeing in Suntalekhola ,so one has to hire the local cabs which charge RS 300 for a complete sightseeing of the village. In Nepali language Suntaley means orange and khola means stream ,thus due to the abundant orange trees and the river stream that flows through this village ,the village got it’s name as Suntaley Khola.

hanging bridge suntalekhola north bengal

suntalekhola town north bengal

After crossing the Murti river from Suntalekhola it takes an hour and a half drive to reach the Bindu barrage ,which marks the border of India and Bhutan. The river has a dam build over it in the further north of Bengal in the village called Bindu ,which has become a major tourist attraction all over Bengal. As one of the best offbeat tourist places in North bengal ,Bindu must be included in this list for the travellers.This tourist spot is famous as a famous picnic spot and a weekend gateaway for thenumerous travellers from North Bengal.Jaldhaka river originates from the glacier of the Kupup lake in Sikkim and flows along the international boundaries of Bhutan and India before it meets the Dharla river in Bangladesh . The river provides fertile plains to the local residents of North Bengal which facilitates them to raise fruits and cultivate huge lands for tea in the Jalpaiguri district.The place is a delight for all nature lovers as the pristine water of the river flows through the huge boulders creating waterfalls and rapids. The surrounding forests of the Eastern Himalayas adds to the serene landscape in the surroundings. The electricity production and maintenance of the barrage lies under WBSEDCL ,a power distribution company of West Bengal state government.Along the Jhalong Bindu road there are numerous shops in this tourist spot which sells chocolates from Bhutan,which must be bought to experience the local taste of the chocolates in the Himalayas.Spending an hour or two in Bindu barrage is a must activity for all the travellers taking their vacation trip in exploring the Jhalong Bindu road. Jhalong bindu road is surely one of the best offbeat tourist place which should be included in every bucket list of a traveller trying to explore the offbeat tourist places in West Bengal.

bindu dam bhutan border north bengal

Apart from Bindu ,the villages of Jhalong and Jaldhaka provide excellent homestay facilities close to the rocky bed of the river banks. Jhalong surely is one of the best offbeat tourist places in North Bengal. R J restaurant. I was stunned by the scenic beauty around the hotel which is built over the cliff joining the main highway of the village. The hotel has steps in the form of a pathway adjacent to the rooms, that takes us close to the river as shown in the picture.

jaldhaka river north bengal

After the serene experience of the splendid Himalayas villages and the two mountain rivers, Murti and Jaldhaka ,we took a longer route for our return journey to Siliguri.As I crossed Chapramari forest I took the national highway through the dense forest of Gorumara National park. The Murti river can be seen with shallow water in the camping site of Dooars forest near Lataguri. West Bengal tourism has built excellent tent and accommodation facilities just on the shores of the river here which attracts tourists all the year around. If you are visiting North Bengal and Dooars, take a road trip to explore this beautiful river and get yourself pampered with the West Bengal tourism facilities. Together Chapramari and Murti forms an important part in the topic of offbeat tourist places in West bengal.The Dooars forest lies in the fertile plains of Murti and Jaldhaka river ,making it an important geographical landform in the fertile plains between India and Bhutan. The Dooars got it’s name from a Bengali word “Duar” means entry point. Since it is the nearest point for entering Bhutan from India ,hence these dense forests of North Bengal is known as Dooars. Lying in the foothills of the Himalayas ,Dooars not only is a well preserved sanctuary but also a fertile plain that adds to the scenic beauty of the enchanting greenery associated with it.

murti river lataguri dooars north bengalThe list is not complete here as there are several scenic offbeat tourist places in West Bengal. Keep following our website as I will visit and update the famous tourist places in North Bengal and mainly Dooars.

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