Hikkim situated in the Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh has the
highest post office in India. The post office has a single postman who walks nearly 15 km down and up to send the letters to the main district headquarter in Spiti.
It is one hell of a ride if you are into travel biking.  

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Normally Western India especially the beautiful western ghats is famous for sunsets but there is a lonely beach owned by the Harihareshwar MTDC Resort that offers a scintillating sunrise owing to it’s perfect location the resort is situated right on the private beach where surprisingly the colour of the sand is black. The beach has Rocky cliffs that adds to the landscape.. Read more on the same from our travel blog. 


Undoubtedly the konkan coastal route from Mumbai to Goa via
the state highway and the ferries is the best coastal route in India. Western Ghats creating cliffs that merge into the Arabian sea, Ancient Maratha forts, mesmerising sunsets and exotic sea beach resorts are the highlights. Given below are the links to read about the blogs:-



Odisha perhaps recently has developed the best smooth roads in the rural sector in India. The government has spend huge amount of money presented by the Central government in constructing state and national highways owing to the backward tribal districts in Odisha. The state also has one of the most national highways passing through it. For details please refer to our 900 km road trip in our website link

Kaza ,the district headquarter of Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh has the highest petrol pump station in the world ,run by IOCL Anyone travelling further must be aware to refuel their tanks full as there are no petrol pumps for nearly 200km! For details please refer to our website link https://www.toursandjourneys.com/spiti-diaries/

Komic is a village in the Spiti district in Himachal Pradesh is the highest motorable village in India.The village can be reached by road from Kaza,the district headquarter of Spiti and it is at an elevation of 4587 metre above sea level.For details please visit our website link https://www.toursandjourneys.com/spiti-diaries/

Preferably the diversion of a 60 km stretch from the Tabo to Kaza highway leading to the Pin valley in Himachal Pradesh stands as the best scenic road trip India.The road runs along the Pin river which is a tributary of Spiti river .The ride takes us to some clean remote villages which forms the base camps of some major treks in the Himalayas.For details please refer to our website link

Chitkul ,situated in the Indo Tibetan border in Himachal Pradesh is perhaps the most scenic village visited by a number of tourists in India. The fast flowing Baspa river,Sunrise and sunset on the Kinnaur Kailash peak and the vast apple orchards are the highlights of this panoramic village .For details please refer to our website link https://www.toursandjourneys.com/chitkul-the-last-village-of-india/

Chandrabhaga sea beach situated in Odisha ,which is a 45 min drive from Puri and close to Konark temple undoubtedly sits in a perfect location to be considered as one of the most scenic beach in the eastern coast of India.The highway that runs along the sea beach is a famous road trip in our country which is also known as the Marine drive of Odisha.The beach is clean and offers one of the best spectacular sunrise.Please refer to our website link https://www.toursandjourneys.com/along-the-marine-drive-of-odisha/

Daringbadi is the highest hill station in the Eastern Ghats in India and Odisha. Situated at 990 metres above sea level Daringbadi is also known as the Kashmir of Odisha owing to snowfall observed few times in the winters.Coffee plantations and Pine forests add to the mesmerising landscape of this hill station in Odisha. For details please refer to our website link https://www.toursandjourneys.com/900-km-of-southern-odisha/

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