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When i Start Thinking about Best Visiting Places in India to Visit then it is so hard to Decide what to Write because there are lots of Famous Places to Visit In India. People From All Around The World Came here To Visit These Remarkable Places. India is also famous Country for Tourism, Lots of Americans Travelers Came here to Visit Best Tourist Places in India. It is so Difficult for me to Choose the Best Visiting Places in India but i am going to Share Most Attractive Places in India for Tourists. So Lets See Below:

1- Taj Mahal:

Taj Mahal is the Most Famous and attractive place in India for Tourism. Americans and other Foreigners Specially Came here To Visit this Remarkable and Beautiful Crown Palace. Taj Mahal is Built By Mughal Emperor "SHAH JAHAN " for His Beautiful and Favourite Wife "Mumtaz Mahal ". It is Located in Agra , Utter Pradesh india.

Taj Mahal

2- Goa Beaches:

The most famous Place for Fun along with the Beautiful Scene of Sun Set is Goa. Goa is Located on the Western Coast of India, Goa Beaches are Most Attractive Place to Visit in india. Travelers and Tourist From Different Countries Came here to Enjoy the Beautiful Sunset and Night Parties. There are Lots of Beaches in Goa Just Like "Candolim Beach",

"Anjuna Beach". Palolem is one of the most beautiful beach in Goa.

Goa beaches

The taj mahal and goa must fall in the priority list of best visiting places in India.

3- Amritsar:

Amritsar (Punjab) is most important and Largest city of Punjab, it is founded by "Ram Dass" Guru of Sikhs. Amritsar is also known as Center of "Sikhism". There are lots Temples here but the Most Attractive and Famous is "Golden Temple" witch is also Called "Harmandir Sahib".

you can also go to " Wagah Border "of Pakistan while you are in Amritsar. There are Lots of Other places in Amritsar that attract the Tourism.


4- Kerala:

Kerala is Also Famous place for Tourism in India, it is located on the Southwest of India. This Place is Mostly Famous for its Tropical Beauty, White Sand Beaches, Palm Trees, That Attract the Travelers to Visit One of The Best Tourist places in India. Kerala is the place for Wild Elephants, Tigers, Exotic Birds. Here is a list of Places you can Visit in Kerala, " Fort Kochi ", "BackWaters", "Wayanad", "Munnar", "Varkala". In Just One Trip you Can Visit Lots of Tourist Places in Kerala.

Kerala Tourism

5- Hampi:

Hampi (Temple Town) is also included in one of the best tourist places in India. it is located in East-Central "Karnataka" India. It was the Capital of "Vijayanagar empire" around 1500 AD.

This Place was Also Known as the Second Largest city in the World at That Time. You can Explore the Ruins of lot of Temples here. The Most Famous temple is "Virupaksha Temple" witch is The Place that attract the Foreigners. you Can Experience the Beauty of Monuments of Hampi Under The Moonlight. Hampi must fall in the priority list of best visiting places in india.

Temple Town Hampi

All the Above Places are one of Best Tourist Places in India, There are Lots of Places to Visit in India, I can't Explain That India is The Most Attractive Country for Tourism. Travelers From All Around the World Came here to See Historical Places, Temples, Beaches, Their Culture and Lots of Other Things.

Travel books are the best to know about places. Please don't forget to read about the place prior to your visit.


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