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Updated: Mar 25

Odisha, also popularly known as the land of Jagannath, has a very rich religious culture which gets reflected in it's food. Majority of the people living in Odisha are non vegetarians and fish is a primary part of the Cuisines of Odisha. This cuisine is very simple and distinct, yet delicious. Cuisines of Odisha is almost similar to the cuisine of Bengal in a lot of aspects, just like their dialect. The people of Odisha cook their food in minimal oil or with no oil which makes the dishes very healthy. There is a fine blend of veg and non veg dishes in this cuisine. The food here is varied and cooked with local ingredients. Rice, both sun dried and par boiled is the staple food of this region.

Cuisines of Odisha has a very particular style of cooking. A main course in any Odia household would primarily consist of rice or chapatti, with some daal, bhaji, mixed vegetable, ambila/ sakara ( a concoction of sweet and sour ingredients) and a dessert.

Here's a list of the authentic delicacies that you can't miss out of Odisha :

1. Dalma : Lentils cooked with vegetables is known as dalma. Also referred as the mother of daals, dalma is served to Jagannath as prasada. It is not only delicious, but wholesome and full of nutrients. The spices give the dalma a distinct taste and the colour makes it difficult to resist. It is ideally eaten with steamed rice and can be found in the menu, irrespective of the


2. Dahi Kanji : It is a tangy soupy dish made of curd and mixed vegetables, usually eaten during summers. The curd adds sourness to the dish, while the use of veggies and lentils make it extremely healthy.

3. Dahi Maccha : Dahi Maccha is a classic Odia fish curry which is an absolute favourite of all the seafood lovers. This fish curry is a perfect blend of mustard and curd which is hard to resist.

4. Kankada Jhola and Chinguri Jhola : Crabs and prawns are among the most loved delicacies of Odisha, best enjoyed with family and friends at lunch. The meat is tenderly cooked and the curry is made with

5. Rasabali : Rasabali is nothing but an Odia version of Rasmalai. It is a part of the mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath and is made of deep fried cheese balls floating in thickened sweetened milk, seasoned with crushed cardamom. Rasabali is a must try if you are a dessert lover!

6. Cheena Podo : Cheena Podo literally means burnt cheese in Odia. It is prepared from well- kneaded chhena or fresh cottage cheese, sugar and nuts baked for hours till the aroma fills up the air and it browns completely. It is an absolute favourite dish.

Cuisines of Odisha are indeed delicious and healthy.The next time you are at Odisha, don't forget to try out these amazing delicacies.

- Meenakshi Majumder

Steel utensils, glasses, spoons are a must in every Indian household. It gives the food a touch of homeliness. Indian spices form an essential part of any indian regional cuisine.


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