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1 & 2 :- Parshurameshwara and Mukteshwara temple

Both of these famous temples are situated adjacent to each other in the heart of Bhubaneshwar old town. Parshurameshwara temple is one of the oldest temples in Odisha dating back to 8th century and Mukteshwara temple was built around 11th century.

As the name suggest Mukteshwara, means freedom, so we can understand Lord Shiva being the main diety, who is being worshipped here. Built by Shailadbhavas, the two temples depict the oldest form of Nagara style of architecture.

The Mukteshwara temple has a group of small temples in side the complex and a pond where the local worshippers maintain some fishes ,perhaps to attract more tourists. The walls of both these temples are decorated with beautiful stone carved images of different deities with the main devotion being given to the different form of goddess Shakti since Parvati is the consortium of Lord Shiva.

3. Chausat yogini temple or 64 yogini temple

This famous bhubaneshwar temple is situated just 7 km from the center of the capital of Odisha, Bhubaneshwar. Older than the lingraj and jagannath temple this archeological site is now a protected area in the village Hirapur.

Just as we enter the complex we can see a stupa like structure inside which lies the 64 forms of Maa Durga in different black statue form. Goddess Shakti is worshipped as the main god and thus we get the insight of how female form of God is worshipped as the primary form in the early centuries of A.D. Hirapur village signifies much historical significance dating back to 9th century of the Brahma dynasty. The different forms of goddess Shakti is believed to have spread the tantric culture in those days with goddess Bhairava worshipped as the main god here in this temple, and the form of godess Chandalika. The temple is built in sandstone and still now looks elegant in the form of artistic structure of ancient India.

4. Dhauli Shanti stupa is situated just 7km from the capital city of Bhubaneshwar

This famous bhubaneshwar temple is situated on the way to the holiest place in Odisha, Puri to konark

The Shanti stupa is situated on top of a hill signifying peace against war and that is why the white stupa is painted in pure white form. The foundation of the stupa was laid down by king Ashoka after he watched the Daya river drenched with blood as he conquered the Kalinga region of Odisha. Thus after walking into the path of peace king Ashoka built these magnificent white stupa to enforce peace and end the Kalinga war. Now the stupa is a much famous destination in odisha and well maintained by the government of tourism in odisha. Dhauli temple is a must visit place for a traveler seeing to know the history and culture of the splendid background of kalinga in odisha.

5. Rajarani temple

This famous bhubaneshwar temple which is also known as the love temple is a major attraction in Bhubaneshwar the capital of Odisha. The temple is made from a local dull red brick and sandstone and depicts the earliest form of temple structure in India. In fact this 11th century temple was known to be the first of its kind that inspired the other famous temple structural pattern like the Khajuraho. On the walls of the temple there are various images of female forms in different moods and activities. The marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati is also shown here in various forms. This temple is a must visit to imbibe knowledge of the Hindu culture and the splendid architectural styles of ancient India here in Bhubaneshwar.

Rajarani temple

6. Bhrameswara temple

This famous bhubaneshwar temple is situated in the Ekmara area of Bhubaneshwar. It is believed to have been constructed in the 9th century by Kolvati devi, mother of Somavasi king Udyotakeshari. Like the other ancient temples in Bhubaneshwar the temple has a Jagamohana the prayer hall and the Vimana, a tall pillar like structure. The walls of the temple is carved with many dance forms relevant to the Natyashala complex present in the complex. The temple structure is known as Panchatanaya, where apart from the main shrine there are four other shrines surrounding the temple. Stop by this splendid architectural temple of ancient odisha to know more about the history of 9th-11th century India.

7. A colorful and beautiful architecture temple, known as Kedar gouri or Kedershwar temple situated in the old town of Bhubaneshwar. These two temples can be considered as one of the many famous bhubaneshwar temple. Kedershwar is another name of Lord Shiva so one can understand Lord Shiva is the main diety of this temple. It is also known as Kedar gouri after the king of Utkal in ancient 9th century named the temple after the story of a couple in which the girl Gouri gave her life after her lover Kedar was killed by a tiger.

The temple is situated just beside the Mukteshwara temple complex and is also one of the Astashambhu temples in Bhubaneshwar. Like the other temples mentioned in Bhubaneshwar it has a jagamohana and vimana which are the primal architectural styles in those times.

Lovers come here in numbers for a holy wedlock and Hindu worshippers consider this temple as one of the most important place for offering prayers for the long life of a couple. Unlike the other sandstone color of the Bhubaneshwar temples, this temple is beautifully colored with red and white making it an ideal place for photography.

8. Megheswar temple

This famous bhubaneshwar temple is just 2km from the Raja Rani temple. This 12th century Hindu temple is dedicated to the diety Lord Shiva ,the supreme power of destruction. As we enter the temple we find a circular shaped dome like structure and a pillar like many other temples in odisha ,with the animal god Nandi sitting at the centre. Devotees can be seen worshipping Lord Shiva throughout the day but tourists from outside are less which make the place very less chaotic than other Hindu temples in India. Since the structure and it's carvings on the stone are a national heritage so it is maintained by the ASI.

Megheswar temple

9. Bhaskareswara temple is a famous bhubaneshwar temple and was built by the Ganga dynasty rulers in 12th century A.D in the Pancharatha style.

The presiding diety of this temple is Lord Shiva and the unique feature of this temple is the 9-foot tall Shiva lingam. It was believed that the soldiers used to take blessings of the lingam before going to war. The precincts of Buddhism can also be found in this temple. The temple looks majestic in the heart of the city now preserved by the archaeological society of India and decorated by a beautiful garden in it's premises.

As we move up the pillar in which the temple has been erected and go around its wall we find different Hindu dieties being worshipped at each corners. The unique architecture of the temple marks the features of the artistic creativity of the kalinga land and signifies Bhubaneshwar as the temple city of India.

10. Ishkon temple

This famous bhubaneshwar temple is situated in the heart of Bhubaneshwar city and is one of the most visited temple throughout the day owing to its significance of devotees of Lord Krishna.

Ishcon foundation devotees follow strict discipline of their lifestyle and follow Vaishnavism which means they worship Lord Vishnu as the supreme power. at the starting of the 20th century the foundation saw huge growth throughout the world as devotees from all over the world especially Europe read and spread the teachings of lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita,the holiest book in Hinduism. The headquarter of ISHKON foundation is situated in Mayapur,a village in West Bengal. All the temples of the foundation can be seen in white color which looks majestic at night due to its pure white form. Throughout the day devotees can be seen singing and chanting songs praising lord Krishna as the supreme power to spread love among humanity.

Ishkon temple

Traditional clothes are preferred to be worn in temples.

Best Temples in Odisha

1 & 2:- Parshurameshwara and Mukteshwara temple

Parshurameshwara Temple is of the well-known temples in Odisha. It is equipped with a sanctum called Vimana and a curvilinear spire called Bada over the roof. If you look at other temples, you can find only a Vimana. The Parshurameshwara comes with an extra structure known as Jagamohana. Although the prime deity is Shiva, you can come across sculpted images of Shakta deities as well. The Mukteshwara Temple holds a special relevance in the history in terms of the development of Hindu temples in Odisha. The exclusive stylistic development of this temple marks the culmination previous temple developments and begins a period of experimentation in the way temples are being built for a century or more.

3) Chausat yogini temple or 64 yogini temple

It is believed that the Queen Hiradevi built this temple. Located on the bans of Bhargavi River, this temple attracts a lot of people. Although it is one of the smallest Yogini temples in India, you can find this temple irresistibly attractive. The Hirapur Yoginis are adorably pretty figures with unique features and they have been portrayed wearing earrings, bangles, armlets, garlands, necklaces and many more ornaments.

4) Dhauli Shanti Stupa

Dhauli Shanti Stupa is place of devotion and worship for a large number of people across different generations. When it comes to listing the best temples in Odisha, Shanti Stupa easily finds a place among the best. The edicts clearly reveal Asoka’s sincere desire to promote peace, love, contentment and joy throughout the world. You can find a rock cut elephant over the edict which is known as the most ancient Buddhist sculpture in Odisha. The stupa structure is pretty similar to a dome. The Buddha footprints and the Bodhi tree can be seen over the stone panels. In the surrounding area, there is a monastery known as the Saddharma Vihar Monastery where a large number of devotees visit in a daily manner. The Dhavaleshwar temple is situated on a striking distance within the Dhauli Shanti Stupa.

5) Rajarani temple

The Archaeological Survey of India takes care of the Rajarani Temple nowadays. If you want to enter this temple, you need to buy a ticket. The unique charm of this temple is indescribable. It is made using Pancharatha style. The famous Rajarani Music Festival is conducted at this temple in the month of January every year. The timing for the visitors is restricted between 6:30 AM and 7:00 PM.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on Bhubaneshwar temples.

While visiting a temple it is always better to wear ethnic clothes for it shows your love and respect towards the culture.


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