Noli- the undiscovered hamlet.

Updated: Mar 26

Nohli- the undiscovered hamlet.

Ever imagined Noli,the undiscovered hamlet in the lap of Himalayas painted like a canvas ?  Colours which will make you wonder and startled? Does something like this exist? Maybe its hidden.  Some places are hidden and I prefer them to be like that. Well, Himalayas is my kind of place, and the best part is not down only in the trails, where I put my step forward and the colour of the mountains changed, as the clouds came and wrapped the mountain top, like the creator hugs the creation.

Nohli- the undiscovered hamlet.

There were tiny little and colourful houses which appeared like a rainbow to me. The sun was shining as I crossed the deepest woods, I could hear the birds chirping, small droplets on the leafs of the deodars. I felt like I am in a complete different world, I ran down towards the trail, as the sunshine made its way, and the small rivulet along side. Trees were shining and it was luscious green in the slight drizzle. From inside my spirit of exploration was bursting with happiness which rolled down through my cheeks as I continued to walk down and stood right in front of Noli. I felt contended. I saw something beyond my imagination. The first view of Noli and I felt like my usual walls of perception of exploring the unexplored is broken. I kept wondering with just few homes, right between the woods, guarded by majestic Himalayan peaks, how can this be extraordinarily perfect? I stood and kept staring Noli, immersing myself in the beauty.

Nohli- the undiscovered hamlet.

This unknown beautiful hamlet made me believe that magic still exists. Magic of nature, miracle just happened right in front of my eyes. New stories kept weaving in my head, a new song in my heart as I kept talking to the warm souls.  I was happy to be there. Maybe, I might fall short of words to describe the extravagance of Nohli, so rich. Rich in life, environment, rawness, warm hearts and much more. The people out there were really really less, but their warm heart and welcome with open hands was so fulfilling. We ate himachali food under the blue sky, beside the rivulet with the smile on the beautiful faces. The place where phone or internet connectivity doesn’t bother people. More raw and real, civilisation within itself.

Nohli- the undiscovered hamlet.

One question kept brewing in my heart, is it even justified to describe this beauty in few words or few sentences?  How about witnessing it with your own spirit of exploration and explore by doing the journey we crave for?  For me, I am crave for exploring the unexplored that’s how I come across Nohli.  Felt like dreams coming into reality, I laughed my heart out, sang with the locals, inhaled the fragrant and fresh air and exhaled the second thoughts with a heart filled with joy by becoming more of carefree soul. I was speechless at the sight. The real joy of landing somewhere real offbeat and unknown.

Nohli- the undiscovered hamlet.

I took a detour and walked through the fields, decided to catch another sunset from Noli through the bed of mustard flowers blooming. Being a mountain person, it was not just another evening for me, it was a very special one as I continued to stare the snow capped peaks as it turned into orangish red and I took the sip of my coffee, a little bit of sky got covered in the blanket of clouds. What a perfect evening it was! Where the time escaped and moments began.

Sunset at Nohli

It was the marvel of nature which I highly recommend every single responsible traveler out there to go and experience it. My heart is still glued to this place. You know when you see it right? Then just go and see. Because it will be a far better experience , much better than any imagination you have ever had. Because this is not a place which could be narrated in few words or lines.

Sunglasses, flip flops,converse shoes are a must in any trip. It makes your traveling easier and comfortable.

Route guide lines- Delhi- Dharamshala- kareri village- on the way to Kareri lake trek (I did hike).


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