5 Famous Waterfalls in Odisha

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Pradhanpat Waterfall in Odisha

Pradhanpat waterfall is one of the most famous in Odisha situated in Deogarh district. The waterfall is situated just one km from the main town and so is crowded almost every time with tourists visiting Deogarh. The waterfall is considered as a religious place and so a temple is constructed on the steps leading to the waterfall. There is also a separate place for people to arrange picnic in the vicinity of the waterfall that attracts common people specially in the winters. Since it was the monsoon season so my early morning visit to this waterfall was spared with any crowd and I was able to capture the huge volume of water splashing down from the mountains due to heavy rainfall. The waterfall falls from a height of 65 metres and creates a pond from where the government has created a water supply arrangement for the town. For places like this, it is important to carry water bottles and hiking boots especially.This waterfall is a prime place to visit among all odisha destinations.

Khandadhar Camp Waterfall

Odisha eco nature camps are located in all the famous odisha destinations. But I never imagined the location of Khandadhar nature camp would be so perfect with an astonishing view of the state's 2nd tallest waterfall. In fact the waterfall can be seen gushing from the top of the mountain rich in aluminium mineral. The nature camp has two complexes one at the foot of the entry gate to the waterfall and other on top of a mountain, 100 metres from the entry gate. This view can only be seen from the eco nature camp situated in top of the mountain. Among all the nature camps that I have visited this is perhaps the best nature camp in terms of panoramic view of the mountains and the greenery. Food was delectable and the cottages were huge with two balconies, one facing the waterfall. At a price of RS 3800 inclusive of dinner, breakfast, lunch and evening snacks, considering the significance and the natural beauty surrounding the nature camp this is quite cheap. Rooms are very clean with plenty of amenities.

Odisha eco tourism has again proved its emergence as one of the most aware state promoting tourism in India.The entire trip was through the rural villages of Deogarh and Sundargarh district is a prime tourist spot among all odisha destinations and that seemed to be a gift for my photography. The arrival of the autumn season meets the green rice crops moves towards harvesting and the entire paddy field turns into a combination of green and yellow. The clouds hovering over the eastern ghats acts like a catalyst to create a beautiful sensation in a nature lover's mind.

Khandadhar Waterfall

Odisha's most famous waterfall among all odisha destinations looks splendid in the monsoon as the water plunging down from a height of 244 metres becomes more gushing in it's force due to the increase of the volume of water in Brahmani river. Moreover the moisture laden clouds covers the top of the mountains of Sundargarh which are rich in bauxite minerals. Both these phenomena creates a mesmerising experience in the vicinity of the waterfall. In Odiya language Khandadhar means sharp sword and thus since the waterfall looks like a sword it was named by the locals after its natural form. The waterfall attracts thousands of tourists all over India for which the Odisha tourism government has built excellent accommodation facilities near the waterfall. From the entry point it takes 630 number of steps to go near the waterfall which is quite a mammoth task but when a tourist reaches the top the serenity and the splendid form of the waterfall gifts an out of this world experience. Khandadhar waterfall surely is the best among all the famous odisha destinations. Caps are nice to carry for that added oomph to the outfits and also to prevent catching cold.

Bhimkund is a mythological place situated 40 km from Keonjhar district town in odisha. The place was believed to have been visited by the Pandavas during their exile period and the legend Bhim used to take bath in this gorge. The natural terrain of this place is astonishing with huge rocks covering the river bed of the Baitarani river. The Baitarani river here creates a huge gorge with rapids that create a stunning scenery to watch here. There is also a statue of Bhima and a temple dedicated to Shiv Parvati near the gorge. The temple complex offers a panoramic view of the gorge for which the government of tourism is developing it into a huge park to attract tourist to enjoy the natural scenery and the religious significance of this mythological place. Bhimkund is an important historical place among all odisha destinations to visit.

They are numerous dams in Odisha providing enchanting landscapes and sceneries across India. I discovered a local dam in the village Rukuda near Khandadhar waterfall which has been built for irrigation supply and providing water to Sundargarh district. Since many tourists are unaware of this rural village ,the location is serene and devoid of any vehicle pollution. The reservoir is huge and looks like a giant lake. The clear blue water reflecting the colours of the sky is a treat to watch for. Water can be seen flowing from the gates of the dam with superlative force ,flooding the river bed of Brahmani river. As we reached the dyke road on top of the dam the view of the village was out of this world. The immense greenery of rural Odisha and the surrounding Eastern that's along with the water bodies are truly the treasure of this wonderful state.

Khuludi Waterfalls

Last but not the least I ended my trip with a visit to the Khuludi waterfalls near the town Khamar ,situated deep inside dense sal forests of Odisha. The waterfall consists of two parts and also has temple built in its surroundings. the waterfall further flows down and joins the brahmani river. The temple dedicated to lord Shiv Parbati matches perfectly with its tranquility due to the majestic waterfall and the beautiful greenery of this small village named after the waterfall.

Best Waterfalls in Odisha

Are you planning to find the best waterfalls in Odisha? This place is home to many wonderful waterfalls. You can always associate a very dynamic and vibrant cultural heritage with this beautiful place. The amazingly diverse landscapes create a lasting impression in the minds of visitors. You can find a harmonious blend of tradition and terrain including stunning mountains and unspoilt lakes. The gushing waterfalls have a prominent role in making Odisha one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India. You can experience a charming beauty when you visit the best waterfalls in Odisha.

Many visitors are of the opinion that Barehipani Waterfall is the most alluring waterfalls in Odisha. According to them, a traveller should never miss the opportunity of enjoying the beauty of this beautiful waterfall. It is also the highest waterfall in Odisha. The water comes down gushing from an unbelievable height of 399 meters. The water is broken into two clearly visible tiers before lands heavily to form a pool. This awe-inspiring sight offers an unimaginable visual treat. There is a park nearby that offers astonishing natural wildlife.

Badaghagara Waterfall can be described as a perennial stream situated in a beautiful place called Kendhujar. You can go all the way up to the top of this dusty trail if you love adventure through a beautiful terrain. Many people consider it as one of the most enjoyable experiences that they can ever come across. If you are a photographer, nature lover or an adventure traveller, you can find this waterfall leaving a striking impression on your mind. It is one of the most perfect choices for spending time in a nice and relaxed way.

Odisha offers many more waterfalls that offer a breathtaking experience for visitors. If you are looking to find a fall that allows you to sit on the lap of nature without any distractions, you can opt for Duduma waterfall. It is a natural wonder and clearly shows the bounty of nature in a perfect way. The water comes down with brute force from a massive height of 175 meters. The natural scenic attraction of the Duduma Waterfall is truly commendable. Many ardent travellers, who visited this place, describe it as a gateway to paradise. The deciduous trees create a picturesque setting and provide a rejuvenating experience for the visitors. You can choose a day trip package to enjoy the amazing plunge of waterfalls and picture perfect locales. All these aspects make the Duduma Waterfall one of the best waterfalls in Odisha.


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