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Mumbai in Maharashtra is a city whose spirit is to fight back, stand for each other and emerge as a winner after just about anything…”AAMCHI MUMBAI”.




Sunday’s are meant to laze around and spend quality family time ,so a few weeks back after having a leisure breakfast in bed I decided to rev up my car and hit the road . Before starting any road trip its advisable to check the car and tyres thoroughly and make sure you have your favourite playlist ready before you hit the road . Driving for me is therapeutic and a great stress buster when done on empty roads which is a near impossible to find in a city like Mumbai . So after packing my bag for an overnight stay grabbing all my must haves in a duffle I buckled up and hit the Mumbai Pune Expressway which is one of my most preferred route for a drive in Maharashtra.

With no destination in mind and bored to death of going back again to Lonavala or Khandala I decided to go a bit further and explore the small hamlet of Kamshet which is paradise for adventure junkies and nature lovers alike.Paragliding flight tours in Kamshet lures many adventure lovers.

There are numerous ways to reach for paragliding flight tours in Kamshet but I chose to drive down via the expressway . Alternatively you can drive via the old Mumbai Pune highway which has lesser toll to be paid and also the solo choice for bikers as they are not allowed on the new highway .

Kamshet even has a railway station and one can reach here via train which runs between Mumbai and Pune route but there is only one passenger train which stops at Kamshet station and that too in the middle of the night at 2.30am . Most of the other trains in Maharashtra would have a halt at Lonavala or Talegaon which are at a distance of 16 and 13 kms respectively ; you can hop on a local rickshaw or tuk tuk from the station and reach your destination . This is the cheapest option to reach as the train and rickshaw ride would cost around 250 bucks.

After taking two intervals I reached for paragliding flight tours in Kamshet from Mumbai -Pune express highway which took 2hr 30min to arrive at my destination.It was 2pm in the afternoon there was nip in the air ,breezy and windy.It is advisable to avoid visit during monsoons as the winds are strong.Cool summers and winters are the best time to visit Kamshet in Maharashtra. Waterfalls can be spotted here during monsoons. This is a Beautiful place in Maharashtra with lush green cultivation of land all around,clear sky,less pollution,mesmerizing view of lake and population of 1000 locals at maximum.Best time to visit the place is during winters in the month of December-February where the nights are chilly with a mercury drop of 13degrees Celsius and a maximum rise of 30degree Celsius.

I wanted to have some masala tea since it was afternoon in Maharashtra, experiencing breeze and sunlight at the same time .What else you ask for a rare combination of weather.I Asked some locals who were working at concrete land with bricks.They guided me to go towards city which consisted barely few shops and chai tapris.I reached there after 15min and had my masala tea. Since I was totally new to this place with no google and no network I was totally dependent on the locals.

Sipping tea I asked : “bhaiya yaha kya dekhne jaisa hy”

he replied:”lake aur paragliding,caves dekh sakte ho aap”

Kamshet in Maharashtra is located at an altitude of 2200ft above the sea level.Paragliding flight tours in Kamshet is a major attraction for people interested in paragliding .There are 6 attractions in Kamshet :








Kamshet is located at Sahyadris ranges in Maharashtra.There are few paragliding spots here including Shinde wadi hills,Kondeshwar cliff,Tower hill and Shelar.I took my car to INDUS VALLEY as paragliding flight tours to kamshet was the first thing that interests me.With much experienced gliding schools and trainers,Kamshet is that hub for paragliding where you can safely indulge in the sport and make it one of the most redefining experiences of your life.They have 4days course of 20,000rs at Indus valley, if you want to be a rider on your own.The school has great facilities to stay,home cooked food,run programs and mesmerizing view of lake.Its a paragliding school for beginners and those who want to learn the sport properly.This is the most popular group here which organizes excellent programs for paragliding flight tours in Kamshet.

DARE you to experience most awaited adventure in your bucket list-One day Tandem Paragliding Flight tours in Kamshet. The best experience In my life and most memorable one is the paragliding. The scenery was breathtaking as you fly in complete silence,and the world passes by under your feet.You feel on the top of the world gaining so much confidence while flying, feeling fresh,energetic and peace.A tandem flight is really a beautiful feeling which I cannot express in words..I was speechless..Feel the wind in your hair that the view offers you and sit back relax and enjoy the silence..feel yourself and breath deep..All you have to do is relax in your harness,while your pilot flies you around.

Joy ride will set you back by 3000rs -15min. Paragliding flight tours in kamshet is an ultimate experience for any adventure lover.

After an amazing ride in Maharashtra I reached Uksan lake which was my last thing to do since it was already about sunset time , The view is so calm and serene that it will definitely take your breath away . I just sat there on the meadows gazing into the clear blue waters and listening to the chirping of birds around . Beware of the stray dogs wandering in the area. They wont harm you but if you  act suspiciously you never know. I did bribe one of them with two packets of biscuits to allow me to sit there.

Some beautiful bungalows were built near the lake .There are accommodations for travellers with every budget starting from 1000rs to 40,000rs per night.Places like Nirvana and Indus provides accommodation and paragliding activities too.Too many bungalows and hotels are available in Maharashtra but make sure you do your bookings early as in weekends are the rooms are always full, or else you can book a hotel in Lonavala too which is nearby 16km away from Kamshet.

A beautiful day in Maharashtra comes to an end with most memorable experience and my decision to discover an offbeat place was totally  worth 2hr drive from Mumbai.I decided to stay over for one night at Indus paragliding valley with impeccable view and had wonderful stay with different sets of people coming from different regions of India.We randomly started having discussions on different topics sharing our experience sitting near lake side view feeling cold without realizing it was 2am in morning  .. woke up the next morning feeling fresh and energetic and enjoyed a hearty breakfast of bread slices and tomato omelette along with a cup of freshly brewed lemongrass tea along with the majestic view of the lake.

Goodbyes are always hard and this particular one was no exception .We exchanged pleasantries with the owners and others at the hotel befor

e hitting back the road again and getting back to the mundane chores of the city life that Mumbai offers.





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