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The state having the fifth largest forest cover in India is Odisha. Odisha is also known as the soul of Incredible India.So there is a vast scope of a traveler for exploring the sanctuaries in Odisha. In this article I will document about Satkosia gorge wildlife sanctuary which is situated in Angul and Nayagarh district.First I will take you to the Satkosia gorge sand resort in Badmul situated the banks of river Mahanadi in Nayagarh district.

Satkosia gorge

After exploring the wildlife in the banks of river Mahanadi ,I will then take you to the core jungle area of Satkosia gorge wildlife sanctuary in the mountains of the Eastern ghats.

Satkosia gorge sand resort in Badmul opens up to the tourists from the month of November to March as the water of the river Mahanadi recedes back in the winter season .Satkosia gorge sand resort has built Swiss tents on the river bank of Mahanadi providing a unique retreat for the travelers. The entire river bank just beside the pristine water of Mahanadi has been built with ecological river camps with the help of Odisha eco tourism corporation.The cost of accommodation in these river camps is Rs 3700 per day including lunch , dinner and breakfast.The price also includes boating and adventure sport activities.For adventure sport, there is a canopy walk inside the premises of the camp.The cano py walk is the first of its kind in odisha. In the night they also arrange bornfire infront of the tents. There also cycling facilities avavailable inside the campus to explore the local villages.

Boating in Mahanadi is an out of this world experience for any traveler who wants to experience wildlife in Eastern ghats. Mahanadi river creates a gorge while flowing down through Eastern ghats in the districts of Angul and Nayagarh which is known as Satkosia gorge.

The length of the Satkosia gorge is 22 km in the Eastern ghats Mountain.In this 22 km section the Satkosia gorge is blooming with crocodiles and tortoise which can be seen while boating with the help of Odisha eco Tourism corporation.It was an immense experience to see the crocodiles and tortoises basking in the sun on the river bed of Mahanadi.The different species of animals found in Satkosia Gorge are wild dogs,river crocodiles like Mugger and Gharials,bison, elephants, pythons, leopards,hyenas and spotted dears.In the boat ride , there is a good chance to encounter these wild animals along the river bed of Mahanadi.Odisha eco tourism has really taken a very good step in promoting tourism and assisting travelers to engage themselves in some adventure activities inside the core area of Satkosia tiger reserve sanctuary.

Satkosia Gorge have also set up an eco village called Muduligadia where we can find mud houses with beautiful painting on red coloured walls made from natural dye from leaves of different varieties of plants .The entire village is solar powered and villagers use bio Mass for cooking food.This coherent relation of the rural inhabitants and the government has promoted tourism to a large extent in Odisha.The local inhabitants of this village work as servants and ,guides,chefs under Odisha tourism in Satkosia gorge Sand resort.Due to their close proximity  and their vast knowledge of the Mahanadi river gorge , tourists find them very useful in exploring Satkosia Gorge.

There are a total of 4 nature camps which have been set up  by Odisha eco Tourism and these are Satkosia gorge nature camp in Badmul,Tarava nature camp in Tikarpara, Tikarpara nature camp and Chotkei nature camp near Tikarpara.No plastics are allowed inside the forest and neither of  them are used inside the forest and also the nature camps are entirely run by solar power.These features explain how Odisha nature camps have promoted eco friendly tourism in this country.

Next I went to Chotkei nature camp in Tikarpara which is situated beside the core area of Satkosia gorge tiger reserve called chotkei. This nature camp also is built as a nature awareness camp with all eco friendly facilities like wooden cottages ,Swiss tents and entirely fed with solar power panels. The landscape around the camp is exotic ,surrounded by green Eastern ghat mountains booming with wild animals like spotted deers,bisons,leopards,hyenas,Indian jackals ,wild boars and elephants.The price of accomodation including food is RS 4400 in a cottage at Chotkei. The Chotkei ecotourism has been awarded as the best eco friendly camp in the state. Food was exclusively delectable and was served with fresh vegetables from the village.Both In Chotkei and Badmul forest trek is available with the help of guide who will guide us to the core area of the jungle but the sighting of the animals will be high at the night time.In Chotkei nature camp while taking the jungle trek the guide took us to a mountain top covered with brown coloured rocks and the terrain looked like boulders purging out from the forest land.From one of these rocks he showed a sacred mountains where there are plenty of caves where bear and leopards live.The mountain is the most sacred part of Satkosia gorge sanctuary and every year a religious procession is organised by the villagers for the sake of the wild animals and the natural scenery of the Eastern ghats.

View from Satkosia gorge

There are few remote villages with few houses that thrive on agriculture like rice,potatoes and spices. It was an unique experience to see how human beings in such remote areas live in close proximity with the wild animals and thrive along with the culture of the forest.In Badmul with the help of local villagers odisha tourism has set up eco nature camps to help the travelers experience the jungle nature of Satkosia Gorge.

While going into the forest trek I came across many water streams which were worth to visit for photography due to its Serene background and the pristine colour of the water.Our guide told us that due to the sweetness of the water many wild animals come to the streams to drink water , the evidence of which I saw from the excretory waste of elephants and deer.Animal sightings are rare in the Eastern ghats but here in Tikarpara, animals can be seen easily if one is having the courage to go for trekking in the jungle at night time.

Carrying shoes like flip flops and insect repellants are very important. Do not forget to pack them in the suitcase.


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