Sikkim places you just cant miss

Sikkim places you just cant miss



Gangtok is the capital of sikkim and the only way to reach there is by availing a cab or share sumo from silliguri.the route will divert from a town called melli which is the border of west bengal and sikkim.the drive is mesmerising along the teesta river and green foresty hills.gangtok is at 1300 metres above sea level so the weather is cool in the morning and chilling at night.there are lots of pubs and shopping centres in this hill station so the city buzzes with versatile marg is the most famous place in gangtok with lots of shops and restaurants.many shared sumos are available for a two night 3 day trips to north sikkim from the taxi stand with a cost of 25oo bucks only.



Lachen is a small hill station in north sikkim which is famous for the base camp of reaching guru dongmar lake.lachen is a peaceful hamlet situated 3000 metres above sea level.few but options are here for staying as local people there mostly provide food and home to stay.lachen is snow covered in the months of winter so the only feasible time to visit is from april to september.the roads here are in terrible condition but one can enjoy the beautiful natural wild flowers all along the valleys.accustom your body at this height as you will be leaving early morning the next day for guru dongmar lake where the saturation of oxygen is much low.

Gurudongmar lake

Officially the highest lake in india for the tourists and second highest lake after cholamu lake till explored,gurudongmar is a glacier formed lake situated at 17500 metres above sea is said that the buddhist teacher and monk guru padmasambhava while his visit from tibet to india touched a part of this lake that remain still unfrozen in winter which provides water to the local summers its colours becomes crystal blue like a sky beneath us with snow covered mountain peaks surrouding it.thangu is the last inhabited village befor  the lake after which the indian millitary camp starts.,so ther eis a formal checking of the tourists.


Like lachen this too is a small hill station in north sikkim which serves as the base camp foe yumthang valley and zero point. Lachung is also famous among tourists for its snow covered ambience .here more hotels and resorts are available so it is more like a town than a village.the roads here better as compared to lachen .the route from lachen to lachung is encountered with numerous natural waterfalls so sometimes the water coming over the roads.chungthang is a small village where a halt is wonderful as one may go close to the banks of the mighty gushing river teesta.laching is also famous for its rhododendron sanctuary which blooms with numerous colours of rhododendrons in the months of end april.


Yumthang valley and zero point.

This is perhaps the most beautiful and famous two tourist spots in sikkim for it utmost picteresque scenery.the road trip is like a dream in paradise as the all along the trip on both sides there will be pine tress and spectrum of rhododendron flowers .yumthang valley is like a huge valley blooming with rhododendron buds,snow covered peaks surrounding it and river teesta flowing along it like a winger.there are lots of yaks all grazing in the lush green field with a bell hanghing in their neck.done forget to take boots from here as 30 kms ahead zero point will be covered with thick point is a no mans land between india and china with stunning views of mountain peaks and frozen river rifts.the road trip to this place is equally a paradise with much unexplored form of mountains that adds a feast to our eyes.


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