Stunning Durga Pujas of Kolkata Suburban Circuit

Stunning Durga Pujas of Kolkata Suburban Circuit

Stunning Durga Pujas of Kolkata Suburban Circuit

Discover stunning Durga Pujas from Kolkata’s suburban flank with our travel expert Reetwika Banerjee


Over the years, Durga Puja has become one of the craziest festivals of the East Indian belt. The touch of commercialization and political backings has evolved a handful of influential Puja committees in Kolkata who pose neck-to-neck competition to each another in terms of budget, sponsorship, celebrity endorsements, overall theme, pandal decoration, lighting, idol creativity, idol beautification, cultural programs and what not! Lots of marketing campaigns are launched by these clubs months before the Puja which in turn give rise to millions of surrogate advertising by others. However, amongst all this, even the Kolkata suburban circuit too has not fallen behind.


A theme based pandal

Theme Based Pandal


A record maker

Banners during Durga Pujo


A traditional idol

Traditional Idol of Durga


A creative theme idol

Creative theme Idol


This year, basis a warm invitation from Halo Heritage, I planned to spend my Puja days in the historic Hooghly district (about 40 kilometers north of Kolkata), the first European settlement in Bengal which also houses the first municipality of Suba Bangla (Uttarpara Kotrung Municipality). It can be easily reached in an hour’s drive through Belghoria Expressway from Kolkata Airport or by local train from Howrah (main line).


[Note: Between 1500 to 1900 A.D., ‘Suba Bangla’ also known as ‘Mughal Bengal’ was the largest subdivision of Bengal Sultanate in the entire Eastern India which included present day West Bengal and Bangladesh.]


Balaka Sarbojonin Durgotsab

(Theme: Women Empowerment)

Balaka Sarbojonin Durga Puja

Women Empowerment themed Idol

Balaka Sorbojonin Durgotsob

Balaka Sorbojonin Durgotshob




(Theme: Ethnic)

Rathatala Durga Pujo


(Theme: Bhooter Raja Dilo Bor)

Phoolbagan Durga Idol


Puraton Kapashtala

(Theme: Heritage Family Puja)

Puraton Kopashtala

Puraton Idol


Runner Club

Runner Club idol


Balagarh Nabin Sangha

(Theme: Go green)

Balagarh Nabin Sangha

Balagarh Nabin Songho

Durga Idol


Vivekananda Sporting Club

Vivekananda Sporting Club


Mary Park

(Theme: 60 feet Durga – the tallest idol of the district)

Mary Park 60ft Durga

Mary Park Pandal

Durga pujas in kolkata


History ratifies, this Gangetic belt has preserved millennium old rich heritage even earlier to the British colonial era and Halo Heritage is doing a great work in preserving the same.  Every year in collaboration with Central Durgotsav Committee, Hooghly Chuchura Municipality and Chandannagore Police Commissionerate, they conduct a ‘Sharod Samman’ contest and honour top three Pujas of the district for Best Pandal Decoration and Best Idol, each from high budget and medium budget categories.



(Theme: Gajraj Temple of Rajasthan)


Durga pujo



Panchanantala Idol


Shyambabur Ghat

(Theme: Som Family’s Temple)

Shyambabur Ghat Pandal

Durga Protima



(Theme: Ethnic)

Kanakshali Pandal

Kanakshali Idol




Idol of Karbala

Pandal of Karbala



Miyarber Pandal

Idol of Miyarber


3 no gate

3 no gate Pandal

Idol in 3 no Gate

Pandal view


To be honest, I never expected to discover so many spectacular Durga Pujas on the western bank of Hooghly River. Without queuing for hours and walking miles, I enjoyed some of the best Pujas of 2019. Believe me, next year do plan a visit to this side of the city to enjoy a perfect mix of traditional and marquee festive flavour. I bet, you will not be bored!


Subha Sharodiya!


Keota Ujjwal Sangha 

(Theme: Durga on Moon)

Keota Ujjwal Sangha

Idols of kolkata


Subrata Sangha

(Theme: Sun Temple of Konark)

Subrata Songho Pandal

Subrata Sangha Idol


Mahishmardini Club

Mahishmardini Club





Arunoday Club

(Theme: Tapoban)

Arunodoy Club Pandal

Pretty idols in kolkata



(Theme: Rural Bengal)

Overview of Thakurgali

Idol in Thakurgali


Circuit House

Circuit house idol


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